Creativity is Contagious

What a wonderful, creative year we have had in Art. It has been a pleasure to teach all the MBTS students for the last 10 years. Their journey from Casa to Grade 6 has been a very positive, enjoyable and rewarding experience in Art. The students have had a lot of fun with all the different artistic mediums to choose from: clay, paper mache, wire, watercolor, collage, oil pastels, chalk pastels, acrylic, sewing, and batik etc. They will embark on their next adventure through secondary school with the knowledge of how to use all these different mediums. 

The Art Show was a huge success with every child in Elementary displaying at least 3 pieces of their artwork. It is my favorite part of the year to see all the artwork go on display and witness the students appreciating not only their friends artwork but their own. A very proud moment for teachers, parents and students. Well done to all my budding artists  

‘Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.’

– Albert Einstein 

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