Looking Back on the ‘Best Bits’

We have thoroughly enjoyed reflecting on personal and academic highlights from the past school year.  This week the LED students were tasked with creating a poster to summarize the time spent in their current grade. We listened as the children spoke lovingly about the ‘best bits’ from the previous year, both inside the classroom and during their Specialty classes.  It was a pleasure to overhear children sharing their learning of new Math operations, 2D and 3D shapes, fractions, decimals, and money.  There was mention of newspaper articles, debates, creative writing, and novel study within Language, and air resistance, buoyancy, the Great Lessons, and some much-loved continents in Culture.  

When reflecting upon Specialty classes children mentioned their love of coding with Mr. Aaron, endless games and fun with Ms. Karen, one-to-one lessons with Mr. Laurie, and ‘passports to the Spanish-speaking world’ with Ms. Kate!  Children also referred back to some of their favorite memories with the wider school community, like Sports Day, the Spring Concert, the beach day, and our recent open session where parents came in to share in the success of the children’s hard work!

Spending time to reflect upon the year was greatly welcomed by all students, igniting their spirits and allowing them time to process and understand the friendships, learning, support, and achievements they have made this year.  The LED class should be immensely proud of themselves for their hard work and dedication!

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