Verano Already?

We made it! ¡Feliz fin de curso! In the month of June, our school days were slowly dwindling, but MBTS Spanish students did not let up. They finished the term on a high note, carrying big second-language vibes into the summer months! Let’s see what they’ve been up to this month.

Toddler, Casa 1st & 2nd Years: We rounded out the year with the long-beloved Baby Shark song, en español! This allowed us to learn the names of family members via the shark family and a bit about the anatomy and life cycle of nurse sharks–el tiburón gato. 

Kinder & Grade 1: Our final story of the school year was Arturo y Olivia Van al Zoologico, and oh man, did they see a lot of unique animals! We learned the names of exotic creatures like lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! We reenacted the story, played games like Four Corners, and Guess the Animal, and colored and read our booklets! 

Grades 2, 3 & 4: We finished the term by exploring Spanish-speaking countries and capitals. These lessons were heavy on rock n’ roll, as we sang along to ‘Rock the Countries’ for Central and South America. We then created passports for the Spanish-speaking world and “visited” its many diverse countries, recording their respective capitals on our passport pages.

Grades 5-6: These groups have been mastering the art of the ‘chat,’ asking and responding to high-frequency conversation topics such as personal interests, family, origin, and so on. They interviewed all of their classmates and later solidified their knowledge with repetition-based games. Gimkit (a high-intensity computer quiz) was a fan-favorite, along with Writing Race, Seat Swap, and Matamoscas. 

¡Gracias por otro año fabuloso! Thanks for another fabulous year of second-language learning! Wishing everyone un buen verano–a joyful summer break, and can’t wait to see you all back in septiembre.

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