A Community of Courteous Learners

Another school year is officially underway, and we are off to a great start! The children in Casa 2 have settled in so well, and it already feels like we are a very cohesive classroom community.  

During the month of September we have been focusing on settling into our daily routine and establishing expectations throughout the school day. We have also been focusing extensively on Grace and Courtesy. The Montessori Grace and Courtesy curriculum was created to help children develop polite societal behaviours, and so that they know how to conduct themselves properly in social situations. Through activities in Grace and Courtesy, children learn how to respond to others, as well as how to function as part of a group. Examples of these lessons will include carefully moving about the room, asking to pass, carrying work, waiting one’s turn, making a request, greeting and welcoming a visitor, saying good-bye, sitting in a group, keeping a tidy workspace, etc. These are also great reminders for our returning students and provide them with opportunities to act in a leadership role, as they are often called upon to model appropriate behaviours. These exercises help children to develop respect for their environment, whether it be at school or in their greater community. We encourage all parents and caregivers to continue Grace and Courtesy lessons at home to help establish a link between the students’ home and school lives. 

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