Embracing Independence ‘Across the Road’

The Montessori environment fosters independence, and this journey moves into a new stage in Upper Elementary. Closely linked with growing levels of responsibility, the expectation for our students continues to grow in Upper El.

From planning out their own daily work schedule to completing their assigned tasks and homework independently, the children build confidence in organizing their workload, asking questions, and managing their time effectively. Adults and peers continue to provide guidance, support, and encouragement to build confidence and to encourage self-reflection. As responsibility is demonstrated, students gain more independence; from sitting outside for lunch, or working in the Grade 6 study room, students incrementally demonstrate the ability to manage themselves with less supervision.

This term, our new Grade 4 students were warmly welcomed into our Upper Elementary community, and it has been a pleasure to observe how well they have settled into their new learning environment. They are a vibrant group of individuals who have demonstrated zest, dedication, and enthusiasm. The newbies are very well supported and guided by the Grade 5 and 6 students, who have helped them embrace our classroom culture. The older students are to be commended for their active leadership and positive role modeling.

The first few weeks of term have seen the students exploring many aspects of the world around us, from investigating the skeletal system and layers of the earth in Culture, to long division and multiplication in Maths or delving into novel studies for Language. With increasing levels of independence, students have planned and have completed their assigned tasks and embarked on a variety of interesting independent elective projects.

The Grade 6 students are taking independence a step further as they prepare to teach the First Great Lesson through an exciting Stop Motion animation project that they have planned, designed, and produced independently. It has been a joy to behold their confidence and maturity whilst undertaking this task.

We are very fortunate to be witnesses to our Upper Elementary students’ learning journeys and we look forward to spending the rest of this year exploring with them.

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