Help Me to Help Myself

One of the main goals of a Montessori education is to teach children to be able to do things for themselves and provide engaging opportunities for them to do so.  In the Toddler classroom the children challenge themselves in every activity from learning to feed themselves, caring for the classroom, putting their socks and shoes on, or becoming toilet independent. 

The Montessori Toddler classroom allows students to choose which activity they would like to do, to help the teachers with tasks, and to move about the classroom as they wish.  Being able to do things for themselves helps children build independence, develop a confidence that will grow with them and develop a sense of purpose and self-motivation. 

In the Toddler classroom, independence is an ongoing and organic process.  As children learn to master the tasks of their day, he or she becomes a more confident, independent individual which will lead to ongoing benefits throughout life. 

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