Igniting Passion in Young Musicians

The Music program at Montessori By The Sea has kicked off the year with great enthusiasm and excitement. With new subjects, captivating songs, and a variety of instruments, the program is buzzing with creativity.

The students have been thrilled by the recent addition of a brand-new class set of violins, which has elevated their musical experience to new heights. In Grade 5 and 6, students are diligently honing their skills in violin playing while also mastering the art of reading staff notation. Simultaneously, Grade 3s and 4s are continuing their journey of perfecting their ukulele technique. It’s worth noting that a handful of fortunate students in these classes have successfully graduated from the ukulele to the guitar. Having achieved the esteemed black belt in ukulele playing, they are now eager to embrace the challenges that come with playing the guitar.

Meanwhile, the Grade 1 and 2 students have embarked on a percussion-filled adventure this term. Their lessons have been dominated by the rhythmic beats of African drumming and the exploration of body percussion. These lively activities have not only entertained the students but have also allowed them to develop a deep appreciation for rhythm and coordination.

The Music program at Montessori By The Sea continues to foster a love for music in its students. With an ever-expanding repertoire of instruments, engaging lessons, and skilled instructor, the program ensures that every student has the opportunity to explore and grow their musical talents. As the year progresses, there is no doubt that the Music program will continue to captivate and inspire its young musicians, nurturing their creativity and passion for music.

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