Tech Adventures Unleashed

The new term has kicked off with an abundance of energy and enthusiasm. In the last couple of weeks, our youngest students, the Kindergarteners, have embarked on their first foray into the world of technology. They’re diving into basic coding with the help of charming little robots that they can program to follow instructions and navigate mazes. This hands-on experience is introducing them to the concepts of sequencing and logic.

In addition to coding, they are also acquainting themselves with the components of a computer. They’ve been getting their hands on computer mice and learning the essential skills of clicking and dragging. This early interaction with technology is crucial for their future educational journey.

Meanwhile, all the other classes are continuing their coding and typing journey from the previous year. Our students aren’t just honing their coding and typing skills; they are also fostering a sense of curiosity and comfort with technology that will undoubtedly benefit them in the future. Rather than forgetting what they’ve learned, they are building upon it. They will be delving into more complex coding functions in both Blockly and Scratch Applications.

The focus on typing will persist throughout the year, with students engaging in various exercises and games to enhance their typing skills.

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