From Pangea to Pumpkin Carving in Casa 1

We hope that everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Mid-Term break! We are sure the children needed to rest and reset in preparation for the upcoming weeks of fun.

Now that all our friends have settled into the swing of the new school year, we have had an eventful month of October in the Casa Program, packed with exploring and learning all about our Planet Earth. We took a step back in time and learned how the continents were all once joined together in one big super landmass called ‘Pangea’. To kick off our studies of the wonderful diversity of our home planet, we have done a brief overview of each continent and touched on different cultures and animals native to each. We have enjoyed learning about the weather and the ‘furious forces’ at work on earth and here on our tiny island in particular. We discussed how important it is to be prepared for a hurricane, with the children offering their advice on what is extremely important to have in our hurricane supplies (think along the lines of lots of unhealthy snacks)! 

We are looking forward to creating Halloween-themed arts and crafts, pumpkin carving with Ms. Krista, and our dress-up/pajama party! What will the Casa 1 teachers be dressed up as? The answer will be revealed TOMORROW!

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