Maritime Mastery and Community Building

We have been so excited to welcome back our amazing students following the Mid-Term break. The return of our students has been marked by a sense of rejuvenation and eagerness as we embark on another fulfilling half-term.

In LED, our focus has been on mastering various maritime-related crafts, including the art of tying intricate knots, demonstrated by Rider below

Additionally, students have been actively engaged in the practice of tying and untying laces, specifically utilizing the technique of double bows, commonly referred to as “bunny ears.” Although this task has presented its challenges, we recognize the significance of acquiring this essential life skill. Amelia demonstrates this skill below.

We recently concluded a highly informative lesson known as the “Long Black Strip,” inspired by Maria Montessori’s teachings. During this lesson, our students had the opportunity to apply their knowledge acquired from previous Great Lessons, such as “The Coming Of The Universe” and “The Coming Of Life.” The visual representation of the long black strip effectively illustrated the vast expanse of time the universe has existed in comparison to the relatively brief presence of humans and Homo sapiens.

Lastly, we are pleased to share the inspiring stories of our students actively participating in the exchange of peace stones with their peers and loved ones. This meaningful initiative has fostered a strong sense of community, extending far beyond the walls of MBTS classrooms. Witnessing the positive impact ripple throughout has been truly gratifying.

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