Melodies of the Season

The holiday spirit is in full swing in Music! Students across all grade levels are delighting in a diverse selection of holiday-themed songs. From Thanksgiving to Halloween, and even some early Christmas tunes, our students are fully immersed in the festive melodies.

In the Grade 1 and 2 lessons, a jubilant blend of singing and percussion activities have captivated the students. They have explored a range of instruments, from cups to bongos, djembes to boomwhackers, creating rhythmic beats and harmonious sounds.

Meanwhile, the Grade 3 and 4 students have been busy honing their skills on the ukulele and guitar. They have been introduced to a variety of songs, incorporating both chords and melodies. Along the way, they have learned to read chord charts and simple tab notation, expanding their musical repertoire.

Excitingly, the Grade 5 and 6 students have had the privilege of being the first in our school to experiment with the new set of violins. Filling the air with Halloween and Christmas melodies, they have been exploring the intricacies of reading staff notation while refining their fundamental techniques.

As the holiday season progresses, our Music Program continues to foster a love for music, encouraging exploration, creativity, and a joyous celebration of the festive spirit. Stay tuned for more musical updates and performances in the weeks to come!

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