Breezy Beach Walks and Thankful Children 

With our continuing virtues discussions, we have most recently focused on thankfulness.  The students in Casa 2 feel thankful for so many things in their lives and are aware of how much they have to be grateful for.  During one of our group discussions the children reflected on a few of the things they are thankful for; let’s take a look at what they had to say!

My Mommy! – Selina 

My family and my dog – Tadhg 

Cooking with my mommy – Piper 

When my brother shares his toys with me – Rosie 

When my mommy makes pancakes for me – Jackie 

My doggy, especially when she gives me lots of licks – Jack 

Celebrating my birthday – Charleigh 

My mommy does lots of things for me – Sofia 

When my daddy comes home from work – Annabel 

My little brother, Liam – Caleb 

Spending time with my mummy – Austin 

Colouring and cooking with mummy – Marlowe 

When my Nana and Papa came and surprised me! – Juliet 

My friend Caleb – Gianlucca 

My brother! – Atlas 

My family – Ms. Sandra 

Our beautiful island – Ms. Liza 

In conjunction with our study of the Cayman Islands in November, Casa 2 decided to go on a beach walk!  Our mission here was to find some beautiful natural objects to add to our Nature Tray, which we keep in the classroom.  The children were able to find so many treasures on the beach including sea fans, casuarina seeds, coral, sea glass and even a crab claw.  We also observed several hermit crabs in their natural habitat!  A jet passed overhead while we were exploring, and the children all admired its long contrail.  We are thankful for our beautiful island, and the abundance of nature that surrounds us every day.  

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