Tech Whizzes in Wonderland

Hey there–welcome to the awesome world of ICT! Students are diving headfirst into the tech wonderland, going from mouse and keyboard basics to surfing the internet and rocking digital communication. With cool activities, they’re turning into tech whizzes, ready to own the digital scene with confidence and curiosity.

Here’s what’s been happening!

Kindergarten: These little tech prodigies are leveling up their mouse skills and getting a taste of the keyboard action.

Grade 1 has unleashed the power of programming using Bee-Bots. These funky little bots help students grasp algorithms and even figure out how to fix things when the code doesn’t work as expected!

Grade 2 has been replicating the painting styles of legendary artists, thanks to computer programs. From Pointillism to Mondrian and Cubism, they have been creating some wonderful artwork!

Grade 3: Ever wondered what the internet really is? Grade 3 has got you covered. They have been exploring the ins and outs of the internet, from different connections to web browsers. Plus, they’re becoming internet sleuths, learning how to spot trustworthy websites, and staying safe online.

Grade 4 has been on a mission to master their search engine skills and embrace digital citizenship like pros.

Grade 5: These search engine ninjas are leveling up! Using Boolean operators and keywords, they’re becoming search experts. They have also been learning the art of website trust detection and uncovering the mysteries of how search engines do their thing.

Grade 6 has dived deep into the world of computer networks. From home networks to global ones, including types of topography and technical protocols like IP, HTTP, and DNS. Oh, and they’ve got the lowdown on cloud computing too.

That’s the scoop on our tech-savvy journey so far. Stay tuned for more digital adventures!

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