Generous of Spirit

As we embrace the festive season in Upper Elementary, it has been a wonderful time of year to practice the virtue of generosity.

Sometimes, when we think of generous people, we think of material generosity such as buying gifts or giving donations. These are wonderful things to do; however, being generous of spirit, generous with your time, or generous with words are also ways in which this virtue can be demonstrated, and we have seen these things in abundance in our classroom this week (and throughout the term).

Daily, we observe students generously offer their time to help each other complete their work. “I’ll help you!” has been a regular refrain this week as the students have made intricate snowflake decorations or completed Christmas-themed Math problems.

At the Christmas concert, it was also lovely to behold our Grade 5 and 6 students offer to share their musical instruments so they could all participate in the violin performances. “I’ll share mine with you!” said one student kindly and without complaint.

Generosity is also one of the best ways to show and build friendships. Particularly as the older students make efforts to get to know their younger peers who look up to them.

In our weekly council meeting, and during our birthday celebrations, we see generosity of spirit as the students share their thoughtful compliments. One example heard this week was, “You are so kind and funny and always make me laugh with your jokes!”

In the mornings this week, it has also been wonderful to see the Upper Elementary students take part in carol singing to bring happiness and joy to the families arriving at school. Giving up their morning play time to make others happy is a perfect festive act of generosity.

Finally, we were very grateful to have Ms. Andrea in class this week to help the students bake ‘generosity cookies’ to share with the rest of the school.

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