Confident Computer Scientists

In the exciting world of ICT, our students are embarking on a journey of discovery and skill-building that promises both fun and valuable knowledge! 

Kindergarten: Our little computer scientists are joyfully honing their mouse and keyboard skills through engaging activities designed to make learning a delightful adventure. There will also be an appearance from the bee bots. 

Grade 1: The Grade 1 squad is mastering the art of computer entry, learning the ropes of logging in, and navigating applications. They’re even creating and saving Word files—future tech wizards in the making! 

Grade 2: The focus here is on the fascinating realm of information technology that surrounds us. Students are not only exploring the wonders of tech but also getting to know the key players who’ve shaped the story of information technology. 

Grade 3: Internet savvy is the name of the game! Third Grade students are delving into the world wide web, exploring web browsers and search engines. Equipped with the tools to detect trustworthy sources, they’re also mastering the art of staying safe online. 

Grade 4: Lights, camera, animation! Fourth Graders are taking a captivating journey through the history of animation. From Thaumatropes to digital flip books, stop motion animation, and the intricacies of structured timing and recorded movement—animation history comes alive! 

Grade 5: PowerPoint prowess is on the agenda for our Fifth Grade stars. They’re elevating their skills to create dynamic presentations on historical figures. Master slides are their secret weapons, and they’re even adding some show-stopping transitions for that extra flair. 

Grade 6: Our seniors are diving deep into the world of Excel, gathering real-time statistics to infuse life into their lessons. Armed with functions and formulas, they’re not just creating reports but also crafting impressive graphs like seasoned data wizards. 

Here’s to a semester of tech-filled brilliance and boundless creativity!  

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