Fostering Children’s Self-Worth

Montessori classrooms are excellent environments for fostering children’s confidence and self-worth.  The Montessori approach is rooted in the understanding that children learn best when they are given the autonomy to explore and make discoveries for themselves, and that children will learn through the process of repetition, self-correction, and ever-increasing levels of mastery. 

In the Casa classroom, children are encouraged to make choices in their work, solve problems independently, and engage in hands-on learning with our didactic materials.  This approach cultivates a sense of competency and develops a strong foundation for confidence.  Children in the Casa environment take great pride in their accomplishments and feel confident in making decisions and tackling new challenges throughout their school day.   

When speaking with the children here are just a few examples of things they feel confident in doing while at school: 

I feel confident in reading the magic “e” because I have practiced it lots and now if feels easy!


I feel confident in helping a friend to roll their rug, because I know how to do it and it is nice to help


I feel confident in doing all my work because it is fun!


I feel confident in my letter tracing because I have practiced it and I love tracing!


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