A Wonderful World of Snack Bars

This term, the Upper Elementary Classroom has been transformed into a world of snack bars as we embarked on our latest integrated project. Kicking off in January, students were placed in small, mixed age groups and tasked with designing, creating and branding a nutritious snack bar!

The early stages of the process saw students tasting and analyzing the existing snack bar market. Which bars did they like best? Which packaging was the most effective? Who were the snack bars designed to appeal to?

Next the groups designed surveys to undertake their own market research. They asked questions about flavors, textures, and snacking habits. Afterwards they gathered their research together and analyzed their results, creating bar graphs and pie charts of their findings.

Following on from their research, the teams then adapted existing recipes, adding their own nutritious ingredients such as sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, tahini, mango and berries. They used their creativity and expanded their knowledge of which foods provided specific micro and macro nutrients in order to help their snack bars pack a nutritional punch!

At this point we were delighted to have a special guest, Rob Barton who owns the design company Big Panda. He gave our budding entrepreneurs excellent advice and lots to think about, including how to design effective logos. The students were then inspired to undertake the design of their brand and advertising campaigns. They created posters, logos, slogans, jingles and commercials, which all tied together to create their brand.

Next, the students designed the packaging for their product, which included considering sustainability when choosing the materials, they would use if they were to go into production.

At the end of February, we were off to Fosters with shopping lists in hand in order to put our budgeting skills into practice and gather ingredients. Back at school, each group made prototype bars in order to check that their recipe worked. Then followed a ‘taste test’ where the groups adapted and improved their recipes.

The final phase of the process was creating a powerful pitch to promote their product to others and to try and persuade the audience of the quality of their snack bar! Therefore, as we move into the last stages of the project, the students are eagerly anticipating sharing all their hard work with parents and peers at the final project presentation in March.

We are very proud of how well the groups have collaborated creatively. They have overcome challenges and learned a lot along the way. The end results are 6 unique, delicious, and memorable snack bars and brands. It has been a lot of fun along the way!

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