Amazed by Music!

The students have been enjoying a change of topic this month in Music. Grade 5 and 6s have begun a scheme of work on the steel pan. Caribbean tunes have been filling the air as the students gear up for the next school concert on May 11th. Furthermore, the school band has been working hard to prepare their latest song for the concert and the upcoming NCFA gigs.

Grade 3 and 4s have had their first chance to try out the new school violins. They have been learning the basics of technique along with a crash course in reading staff notation. Meanwhile, Grade 1 and 2 students have entered the classroom dojo of Recorder Karate. Students have been competing for their recorder belts by completing recorder-based tasks and tunes.

Casa have been enjoying a wide array of songs and musical games this month. Singing solos and even instrumental work have been new additions which the students have enjoyed.

The students have also been fortunate enough to witness two visiting musicians this month for Arts Week. We have hosted performances, Q&As, and masterclasses out on the playground. It’s been a fantastic February!

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