Enjoying Friendly Competition at Sports Day

The Casa and Elementary was a huge success focusing on having fun and enjoying being active. The Casa students were able to showcase all the skills they have been working hard on this year to their parents, family, and friends. The Upper Elementary students used Casa Sports Day as an opportunity to put into practice their leadership and communication skills.

The Elementary sports days were run over two days and while these days also focused on having fun they also showed that healthy competition can be lots of fun too. Competition is not only about winning or losing; instead, it gives children an opportunity to push themself and see how they will manage themselves in challenging and changing situations, both physically and emotionally. After a child participates in a competitive event, it gives that child an opportunity to self reflect. It promotes setting targets and goals and striving to reach higher achievements.

All children displayed outstanding sportsmanship and fair play and team spirit on the days. They participated for over four hours in many individual, partner, and team events and finished off the day with a well deserved movie in the AC.

Well done to everyone and thank you to everyone who helped make a special day for all the students.

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