Fostering Wonder and Creativity in LED

February, in LED, has been a super positive month. ‘Time flies when you are having fun’ couldn’t be truer in our classroom! The children were discussing how we can’t believe that we are into the second half of the year already. They are all in a great form and the classroom is bursting with creativity and splendid ideas.

Wonder has been cultivated in our Montessori environment in many ways this month. LED has actively learned outdoors and enjoyed our beautiful space by facilitating lots of our daily reading sessions outside. The children have enjoyed being that one step closer to nature whilst digesting their favorite texts.

If you would like to foster this lovely wonder for outside learning and nature, here are just a few ideas you could use to explore: using a handheld microscope, go on nature walks in interesting places, hike the Mastic Trail, tour the beautiful Botantic Park, venture through the Crystal Caves, watch exciting nature documentaries on platforms such as Nat Geo Kids, listen to nature-based podcasts for kids and even sketching outside!

We are currently focusing on biographies and have looked at some incredibly interesting and important people. After taking lots of inspiration from Black History Month, we decided to read the spectacular biography on Jackie Robinson. We have held lots of discussions about how brave he was to showcase his skills and talents in the face of adversity and in an unfair society – he still managed to shine. With lots of very keen baseball fans in our class and it has certainly been a WONDERful read.

This month we are also super excited to have entered into the brilliant Paul Robinson storyboard competition! The effort and creativity our children have put into these storyboards has been nothing short of outstanding. They used a wide array of materials, deep knowledge of their stories and excellent collaboration to showcase their final storyboards – well done to everyone involved across the multiple age groups.

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