Mindfulness Practices in LEU

This month in our LEU community, our primary focus has been on mindfulness and its application within our classroom setting and daily lives. Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present in the current moment and focusing on our present actions and surroundings. This practice can play a pivotal role in boosting children’s concentration, patience, and self-control. Through the integration of mindfulness practices in our classroom, students have demonstrated improvement in task concentration and the development of patience and self-regulation skills.

Our enthusiasm to promoting mindfulness is established in the philosophy of Maria Montessori, who underscored the deep connection between the mind and body. In our LEU classroom, mindfulness is seamlessly woven into our daily routines through lessons on ‘Grace and Courtesy.’ These lessons cultivate children’s awareness of their interactions with peers, communication skills, movement within the classroom, and respectful utilization and organization of materials. The materials are meticulously arranged within our classroom to foster independence and self-reflection, allowing students to engage in learning independently and self-check their work, promoting mindfulness of their learning process and individual goals.

The daily schedule is also thoughtfully structured to support mindfulness in our LEU classroom. Our uninterrupted three-hour morning work cycle allows children to engage deeply in their studies, aiding in the improvement of their concentration skills. Each child takes thoughtful consideration in planning their daily learning activities, considering scheduled lessons and their individual learning goals and interests. Furthermore, this month’s introduction of the classroom helpers initiative in LEU fosters teamwork, patience, and mindfulness towards others. Each week, six students are chosen to fulfill the responsibilities of classroom helper, encouraging collaborative engagement and a mindfulness of others’ needs.

Our LEU friends can also take part in mindfulness activities at our classroom peace table. The creation of the peace table within our classroom library serves as a designated space for students to engage in activities like journal writing, mindfulness coloring, Zen gardening, or quiet reflection. Having this tranquil place within our classroom empowers students to independently recognize and address their need for moments of stillness, contributing significantly to their ongoing development of self-awareness.

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