Tremendous Tech from Kinder to Grade 6

Ah, the adventures in Kindergarten! Our little artists have dipped their tiny toes into the colorful world of Microsoft Paint, where they’ve become maestros of electronic art! From drawing cute little houses to sailing boats, and even crafting adorable cats and dogs, their imaginations have truly taken flight on the digital canvas. And let’s not forget the epic saga of mastering those pencils, brushes, and shapes – all while perfecting their hand-eye coordination with the magical mouse! Plus, we’ve been on a quest to conquer the keyboard, discovering the secrets of the “Home Row” like brave explorers of the typing realm! 

Welcome to Grade 1, where our young tech enthusiasts are embarking on an exciting journey through the inner workings of computers! They’ve unlocked the mysteries of each computer part, bravely ventured into the desktop domain, and learned the sacred rituals of launching applications and managing files. Saving, finding, and opening files. 

Ahoy, Grade 2 adventurers! This term, we’ve set sail on a grand voyage to explore the vast seas of technology that surround us! From the familiar shores of school and home to the far reaches of the wider world, we’ve delved into the wonders of technology and information technology. Along the way, we’ve met some legendary figures in the realm of computing – truly, it’s been an epic quest! 

Dive into the digital depths with Grade 3! This term, our intrepid explorers have embarked on a thrilling quest to unravel the mysteries of the internet. Navigating through web browsers and search engines, they’ve become savvy detectives, sniffing out trustworthy websites and mastering the art of online safety. And who could forget the daring escapades of copying and pasting images from the web? Adventure awaits at every click! 

Lights, camera, animation! Grade 4 has taken the spotlight this term with a spectacular showcase of computer animation wizardry! From the humble origins of thaumatropes to the mesmerizing world of stick animation and Pivot creations, they’ve brought their imaginations to life on the digital stage. And with stop animation, they’ve crafted their very own cinematic masterpieces – truly, the stuff of legend! 

Typing titans and coding connoisseurs, unite! Grade 5 has been on a quest to sharpen their skills and conquer new frontiers in the digital realm. Armed with the power of web research and the magic of PowerPoint, they’ve dazzled their peers with captivating presentations on famous figures. Truly, they’re unstoppable forces of creativity and innovation! 

Prepare for Excel-lence, Grade 6! This term, our budding spreadsheet sorcerers have delved into the enchanted world of Excel. From gathering data in the great outdoors to mastering the art of manipulation, they’ve wielded their newfound skills with precision and finesse. And let’s not forget their foray into the realm of film editing. 

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