How Well Do You Know Your Home Planet?

On Monday the 22nd, LED had the honor of hosting the MBTS whole-school assembly for April, and WOW, were our students up for the task! Each of them took turns presenting, and it was evident how much practice every child had invested, both at school and at home. They spoke with clarity, confidence, and enthusiasm, engaging and entertaining the audience with their charismatic delivery of the content of our gameshow-style quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Home Planet? This single endeavor encompassed so many opportunities for both academic growth and character development. From preparation to presentation day, throughout the process the children built public speaking skills, cultivated a sense of community and stewardship for the Earth, and laid foundations of confidence that will serve them a lifetime. We were beyond proud of them!   

Please take the time to watch the attached video so you too can marvel at their magnificence!   

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