Más Español, Por Favor

Abril, ¡qué mes! Albeit shortened by Easter break, the month of April was not lacking in Spanish songs, stories, games, and even field trips! Want to hear what we’ve been up to? ¡Vamos, pues!

Grade 5 and 6 finished their restaurant unit, a winding journey that began with a story about a Flamenco dance battle at a restaurant in Spain, and ended with a visit to Spanglish, a Latin restaurant in SMB serving Honduran, Colombian, and Mexican cuisine. Grade 4 did this earlier in the year and set a high standard, interacting in Spanish with confidence. Grade 5 and 6 exemplified the same mastery and I’m so happy with their collective ease and willingness to communicate in Spanish! This group is now onto a clothing unit, and we will see what real-life experiences this theme will provide us! 

Grade 4 finished up their Soy Yo unit with a music video featuring break dancing, stare-downs, baller moves, and a very spunky, very confident protagonist! They are now onto the clothing unit, following a similar structure to what Grade 5 and 6 will do in the weeks to come. Grade 3 is also doing a variation of this theme, learning common clothing terms in Spanish and using them to describe themselves and others. 

Grade 2 learned the ‘Arriba’ story from the Mundo de Pepita curriculum, in which the main character, Olivia, goes up in a hot air balloon and sees all kinds of things from the sky. This group can now identify and describe geographical landmarks in Spanish by pointing out their features and sizes. They have now moved into another story called ‘La Ensalada de Pepita,’ in which Pepita plants many vegetables in May in order to harvest a salad in August! ¡Qué rico!

Grade 1 finished their family unit and started the ‘Doy Gracias’ story, in which they express their gratitude for their family members, food, and aspects of the Earth and nature such as butterflies, the sun, and trees. They are now reviewing the expression of emotions including some idioms like “I’m as happy as a worm.” (Estoy feliz como una lombriz). You have to wiggle your finger like a worm when you say it, obviously.

Kindergarten has been on their ‘Todo Sobre Mi’ unit. Each Friday we pick a ‘Persona Especial’ and interview them on their age, birthday, and favorite color, food, and animal. And yes, each Kinder will get to have their special day before the end of Term! Kinders are also practicing how to introduce themselves and ask simple personal questions to their peers, while also recording their responses. Little periodistas in action!

Casa 2nd Years learned a Mundo de Pepita story called ‘Buenos Días,’ and are now able to distinguish between greetings for morning versus greetings for evening, and certain objects and animals which are associated with the respective time of day. They are moving into their next story, ‘Olivia en la Granja,’ which is based off the song, ‘Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar.’ Spoiler alert: it was the mouse. 

Casa 1st Years are on their final unit of Los Pollitos Dicen and are learning plenty of fun stories and songs! They learned about animals who sleep during the day and night, and animals who sleep when it is cold. They learned a story about a little boy named Pablo who just will not go to sleep and keeps asking his mom for things–maybe you can relate! They are now acting out and learning the story of ‘Los Cinco Monitos,’ based on the song “5 Monkeys Jumping in the Bed.” 

Toddlers continue to sing songs and listen to stories in Spanish. They are receiving a great deal of input within the vocabulary themes of greetings, farm animals, foods, colors, numbers, and calendar components. They are going to be so ready for Casa Spanish!

Gracias por leer! Thanks for reading. I’m looking forward to another whole term of español!

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