Melodic Triumphs and Spring Concert Spectacular

This month marks perhaps the most musical month of the year at MBTS. The classroom has been alive with movie soundtracks as students have been preparing for the upcoming Spring Concert on Saturday May 11th at 10 am. Not only this, but select students have represented the school in the annual NCFA music competition gaining bronze, silver, and gold medals.

We commend our participating MBTS students on their hard work and excellent performances. Chloe Dzaghgouni and Jocelyn Fuller (Grade 5) received gold for their piano pieces, Olivia Dzaghgouni (Grade 2) secured silver, Lucas Sedano Hernandez bronze, and the MBTS Rock Band (Jocelyn, Persey, Rider, and Leo), earned a well-deserved silver, showcasing their collective talent.

Grade 5 and 6 students have been finalizing the choreography and solos for their steel pan dancehall medley whilst Grade 3 and 4 students have been perfecting their violin techniques.

Grade 1 and 2’s time has been filled with recorder practice and singing. Kindergarten and Casa have enjoyed their first foray into percussion instruments with a Star Wars-themed boomwhacker workshop.

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