What is Service? – Upper Elementary

We practice the virtue of service daily, sometimes without realizing it and sometimes we make a conscious effort to serve others. In the Upper Elementary classroom, we focus on a specific virtue every week. The students discuss what they think the virtue means, how they have seen it in practice, and how they can make this virtue part of their daily lives. These are some ideas they jotted down in their journals.  

“Service is when you help someone without them asking you to help them. We can provide a service by looking to see where people need help. I demonstrated service this week by helping someone with their Math.”  

“We can provide a service by volunteering our time. We all helped at Casa Sports Day and it was so much fun. Helping others makes you feel good.”  

“Doing a service is being helpful, generous, and kind. You are providing something to people that can’t afford it without any conditions from them. You can be helpful in your classroom, your home, and your community. Before you trash something you can think, is there a better thing I can do with this?” 

“I demonstrate service when I foster, bath, walk, and play with dogs at the Humane Society. I think this virtue is important because it also links in with kindness.”   

“Some of the Upper Elementary students demonstrate this virtue by running a Harry Potter and Rollerblading Club. They provide a fun service for other students.” 

“Grade 5 students help with guided reading in the Lower Elementary classroom. If you have a skill you can use your skill to help others, it doesn’t always have to be money you give.”  

“Being helpful is the main way to do this virtue. It can be bigger, like in your community, doing a beach clean-up. Or it can be something small like picking up a pencil someone dropped.”  

“I think I can demonstrate this virtue more by helping others with their jobs when I’m done with mine.” 

“I practiced this virtue by holding a lemonade stand and donating the money to the National Trust.” 

“When you use this virtue people will respect you more. Treat people the way you would like to be treated.” 

By learning to serve, humbly and with kindness, we build a better future together. As Mother Teresa said: “Wash the plate not because it is dirty, nor because you are told to wash it. But because you love the person who will use it next.” 

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