A Year in Virtues with Casa 2

Throughout the 2023-2024 school year, Casa 2 has placed much energy and focus on character development through the presentation of Grace and Courtesy lessons, and the Virtues Project.  Teaching virtues to young children is essential in fostering a strong social and emotional skillset.  Principles such as kindness, respect and responsibility aid in building healthy relationships and creating a positive learning environment for all.  Our students have embraced these lessons enthusiastically, and we have observed them practicing these skills throughout the year. 

While all the virtues are important, certain ones have stood out as favorites amongst the children this year. Helpfulness, thankfulness, peacefulness and patience were particularly popular.  The children eagerly shared instances of their classmates practicing these virtues.  For example, a child helping a peer zip up their lunch kit at the end of lunchtime received recognition.  Similarly, when a student took some quiet time in the library to manage frustration, it was acknowledged.  The children enjoy reflecting on how they can best practice these virtues and sharing their observations with their classroom community. 

We look forward to ending the year with three new virtues for the month of June: Creativity, flexibility and tolerance.  These virtues not only complement the ones we have focused on previously but also provide our students with additional tools to navigate diverse situations and challenges.  Together, we have built a strong, caring community that values and practices the virtues we hold dear. 

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