Our Tiny Cayman Experts

During the month of May the Toddlers learned all about Cayman!  We learned the definition of an “island” while sorting Caymanian flora and fauna into their correct habitats as well as learning the names of all 3 Cayman Islands and the 6 districts.  The history of the Cayman Islands was told from the point of view of early settlers and their discovery of the many uses of the Silver Thatch palm, and some of the Toddlers have even begun to join the Elementary students each morning to sing the National Song. 

During presentations and group discussions, the Toddlers became very excited when they recognized a local animal or plant that they have experienced first-hand.  This would often lead to in-depth conversations with many of the Toddlers joining in!  For example, when a picture of a Cushion sea star was shown during a group presentation, one of the Toddlers proudly told her classmates that when she visited Starfish Point, her mommy told her to keep the starfish in the water so it could breathe.  Many other Toddlers concurred, telling us their parents taught them the same.  We have been very impressed with their, and it is evident that they are exploring their island home extensively! 

In the classroom, we have also been exploring Cayman with our senses: our sensory table is filled with sand, local shells and animal models; a conch shell provides a way to listen to the “sea” while indoors; for snack we have sampled Otaheite apples, local bananas, mangoes, coco bread, and coconuts! 

The Toddlers have really embraced this month’s curriculum and are now experts on all things Cayman! 

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