Sharpening Skills Across the Board 

As we approach the last few weeks of the school year, the focus in ICT this half term is for students across all grades to refine their typing and coding abilities. This ongoing practice ensures they are building a strong foundation in essential digital skills, preparing them for a future in the ever-evolving world of information and communication technology. Alongside this, we have also ventured into other topics. 

Embarking on the Adventure of ICT 

Our young explorers in Kindergarten have begun their exciting journey into the digital realm. Guided by the whimsical characters of Scrat from Ice Age and the mischievous Angry Birds, they are learning the fundamentals of coding using blocks of code to create simple programs. These budding computer scientists are not only mastering the basics of programming but also expressing their creativity by designing digitally coloured and printed Mother’s Day cards. 

Discovering the Power of Words 

In Grades 1 and 2, our young adventurers are delving into the world of Microsoft Word. They are discovering the power of text formatting by learning to use bold, italic, and underline features. Additionally, they are exploring the vast array of fonts and font sizes, enabling them to bring their written words to life with style and flair. 

Decoding the Binary Universe 

Students in Grades 3 and 5 are unravelling the mysteries of the binary universe. They are being introduced to the foundational building blocks of computer code—binary digits. By understanding how ones and zeros operate, they are gaining insights into the inner workings of computers and how these simple digits drive complex operations. 

Animating and Presenting with Creativity 

Grade 4 students are channeling their creativity into making pivot animation shorts. Alongside this, they are honing their presentation skills by creating engaging PowerPoint presentations on famous personalities, merging animation with informative content. 

Capturing Stories Through Film 

In Grade 6, students are continuing their cinematic journey by filming and interviewing staff members. This hands-on experience is enhancing their skills in both interviewing techniques and video production, allowing them to tell compelling stories through film. 

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