Sincerely, Montessori

In our Montessori room so bright,’ 

Where children learn with pure delight. 

A virtue shines both near and far, 

Sincerity is our guiding star. 

With gentle hands and hearts so true, 

We share our thoughts in all we do. 

No need for masks or hidden parts, 

We speak our minds and we share our hearts. 

In every corner, whether work or play, 

We find our voice, and we have our say. 

From silent reading so soft and still, 

We share our dreams, our hopes and skills. 

A place where trust is built on truth, 

From tender age to growing youth. 

We learn to see each other’s light, 

In honesty our bonds grow tight. 

No need to pretend, no need to hide, 

With open hearts we walk side by side. 

For in this space, sincere and kind, 

We nurture both our hearts and our minds. 

In every lesson and every task, 

We seek the truth, our curiosity we do not mask. 

For in sincerity we find, 

A peaceful heart and a gentle mind. 

So let us cherish what is real, 

In every word and thought we feel. 

For in our Montessori room, 

Sincerity will always bloom. 

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