A Tight-Knit Community in LED

In LED this year, we have made countless memories to share and embrace. From making explosive volcanoes by hand to marveling in our microscopic mysteries we have delved deep into our rich curriculum with the outcomes being so special to witness. The community we have cultivated throughout these many special moments has been a joy to be a part of and the growth each of us has experienced deserves a proper acknowledgement.  

Throughout this academic year, we have had numerous reminders of how tightly knit our community is, but nothing quite sums this up quite as well as our Grade 3’s who have recently started guiding Toddlers through our morning routine by singing our national songs respectfully and with pride. The older children independently facilitate this and their nurturing side is on full display and is greatly appreciated. There are now queues of Toddlers ready to join in every day!

This year has also been characterized by several key cross-curricular projects. We have had lots of inspirational visitors this year ranging from talented musicians, explosive dancers (thanks again Ms. Kate and Mr. Bryan), and most recently, CUC. Our children greatly appreciated learning from these gifted individuals and stoked their curiosity further by asking thoughtful and heartfelt questions in a respectful and professional manner. Each of these exciting visitors has complimented on how well behaved our children are and how sharp their understanding of the wider world is! 

Within LED, we have completed thousands of pieces of fantastic work where the children have faced new challenges and progresses accordingly armed with their newfound knowledge. We reflected recently on our autobiography studies. The children chose very important and influential figures such as Martin Luther King, Jane Goodall, David Attenborough, the Wright brothers, Anne Frank and many more. The children were so enthralled with their studies that many of them actually extended their initial learning by completing exceptional PowerPoint presentations, using the internet as a secondary resource to deepen their understanding. 

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