A Year of Creativity and Community

As we near the end of the school year, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the wonderful experiences we have had in our classroom and the growth we have witnessed in our students.  Throughout this year, there have been so many special moments that have brought our class together. From collaborative projects to group discussions, we have been truly inspired by the sense of community that has flourished among our students.  We are incredibly proud of the hard work and effort our children have put into their learning and personal growth. Their progress is a testament to their dedication and resilience, and it has been a joy to watch them flourish. 

New friendships blossomed, virtues were practiced, and a wealth of knowledge was gained. Some friends mastered their sounds, others delved into their first readers, and many learned about numbers and mathematical equations. Our Kindergarten students excelled not only academically but also in becoming exceptional mentors eager to share their knowledge. Even our 2nd and 1st years took on the role of educators for their peers. This is the beauty of Montessori – the mixed-age groups allow everyone to both teach and learn, regardless of age. Casa 1 has truly been a hub of learning.  

While we are sad to see the year end, we all look forward to a well-deserved break and a change of scenery. To those moving on from our class, we wish you the best and will cherish the memories we have created together. For those returning in August, we eagerly anticipate welcoming new Kindergartners and 2nd years, and we know you will be fantastic mentors to the incoming 1st years. They will need your guidance and positive influence, and we are confident you are up for the task. Have a fantastic summer, continue to explore and expand your mind! We will miss each of you! 

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