Inspiring Growth in ICT

What an amazing year we’ve had! Our ICT room was filled with laughter and creative projects. It was wonderful to see our Kindergarteners starting out and gaining confidence with computers, while our 6th graders were busy creating their own content through filming and editing. Watching the students grow and progress across the grades has been truly inspiring.

I’ve been amazed by the creativity that many students bring into ICT. Our younger students particularly shine in digital art and their first experiences with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Their ability to research and put together engaging slideshows on a variety of topics is always impressive.

As students move into the Upper Elementary grades, they tackle more challenging topics. They explore how computers work and communicate globally, enhance their internet research skills, and create incredible animations with Pivot. They also learn digital filming and editing techniques, producing some fantastic work.

I wish everyone a wonderful summer and I look forward to another exciting year of ICT in September!

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