Keeping It Fresh in the Music World

Montessori By The Sea has been alive with the sound of music over the past few weeks. In the weeks following the spring concert, students have been granted the opportunity to start afresh on a new instrument; ending the year with a little fun.

Grade 5 and 6s have transitioned onto guitar and have been playing familiar rock tunes from recent years.

Grade 3 and 4s have been diving into the world of steel pan – keenly trying to emulate the Sean Paul tunes from the 5s and 6s in the show!

Grade 1 and 2s have also tried their hand at the steel pan and have been learning an array of songs including some well known pop songs by Coldplay and Bruno Mars. 

It has been a hugely productive and undeniably fun year of music. We are so proud of all the students and the progress they have made as musicians. Have a great summer and we look forward to more musical endeavors next school year!

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