Montessori Memorable Moments

This school year at Montessori By The Sea has been filled with moments that have made it truly special. Our students have experienced significant growth, development, and learning, creating memories that will stay with them forever. Some students have shared their favorite memories, highlighting experiences that stand out as particularly meaningful. These memories not only mark milestones in their personal journeys but also highlight the pillars of our school community that leave lasting impacts on all our hearts and minds.  

Exciting Field Trips 

  • Noah B, Grade 1: “We went to see the blue iguanas and got to roll down the hill.” 
  • Ellie, Grade 1: “We got to go to the supermarket, and we bought stuff to make waffles in class!” 
  • Marco, Grade 2: “The Farmer’s Market was cool because I got banana bread and there was a place to get smoothies.” 

Creative Projects and Community Events 

  • Eleanor, Grade 2: “Me and Amelia did a Storyboard competition on Matilda and won first place in our age group!” 
  • Ameli Sophia, Casa Year 2: “I went to the Gruffalo and Ms. Michelle popped out!” 

Fun and Learning in the Classroom 

  • Lucas, Grade 3: “It was really fun to read poems and then get to express what you thought about them.” 
  • Holly, Grade 3: “We made parachutes for some eggs, and we had to protect them from breaking in our teams.” 
  • Sophia, Kindergarten: “I liked working with Ms. Liza on the bead frame. She gave me equations and I got to figure them out with the beads.” 

Building Friendship and Teamwork 

  • Camilla, Grade 2: “I really liked playing horses with my friends at playtime.”  
  • Rider, Grade 3: “Tag rugby was a lot of fun because I love sports and I got to be on a team with the older kids, too.” 

Special Events and Performances 

  • Skye, Kindergarten: “I loved doing the Star Wars song at the Spring concert because we got to do it with the boom whackers.” 
  • Elise, Grade 3: “Sports Day was the most fun! We got to be on different colored teams, and we got to go against our parents.” 

Personal Achievements and Growth  

  • Angus, Kindergarten: “I kept practicing and I got a lot better at my journal.” 
  • Noah T, Grade 1: “Story writing was cool because I got to push myself to the limits and challenge myself to write more and more.” 

This school year at Montessori By The Sea has been abundant with joy, learning, and unforgettable moments. As we dive into some of our students’ favorite memories, we recognize the importance of each students’ experiences in shaping their growth and development. We eagerly anticipate making more waves of excitement and creating lasting memories in the years ahead. Have a splashing summer! We can’t wait to ‘sea’ you next year. 

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