The Value of Creative Activities in PE + Healthy Summer Tips

At MBTS we offer a wide range of sports and activities, and our last unit is perfect to wind down the year-end. Thankfully PE is no longer just about laps around the track, routine exercises, or competitive sports. MBTS has embraced creative activities that encourage every student to participate and find joy in movement. In the last five weeks, the students have participated in artistic, rhythmic, acrobatic gymnastics and dance. 

Participating in activities like these plays a crucial role in strengthening the sense of community within a class. They require teamwork and collaboration; the students overcome challenges as a pair or group. These experiences teach students valuable life skills, like communication, empathy, and cooperation, which extend beyond school and into their every day lives. By fostering an environment where every student feels included and inspired, PE classes are helping to build a healthier, more connected group of classmates and friends. This means that the children are not just healthier individuals but are also cultivating a generation that values creativity, teamwork, and community spirit. That is something worth celebrating! 

The Key to a Healthy Summer Vacation 

As the school year comes to a close, children eagerly await the start of summer vacation. It’s a time for freedom, fun, and a break from the classroom. However, many children are tempted to spend their summer days indoors, glued to screens. While a little downtime is essential, it’s equally important to ensure that they remain active during these months for their physical health, mental wellbeing, social skills, to grow their creativity and imagination, and to build lifelong habits for fitness. 

Tips to Keep Kids Active This Summer 

1. Plan Daily Activities

Set a daily schedule that includes a mix of physical activities. This could range from a morning bike ride, an afternoon swim, or an evening walk in the park. Routine physical activity helps children stay engaged and reduces the temptation to stay indoors. 
2. Outdoor Adventures

If you are going off island take advantage by exploring local parks, nature trails and the area you are visiting. These outdoor settings provide a great opportunity for kids to engage in physical play and appreciate nature. 
3. Join Sports or Classes

Enroll your child in a summer sports camp or recreational class. Whether it’s soccer, gymnastics, or dance, structured activities provide a great way for kids to stay active and learn new skills. 
4. Involve the Whole Family

Make physical activity a family affair. Plan weekend activities, set family exercise or step goals, organize a family sports day, or even set up a backyard obstacle course. When the whole family participates, it becomes a fun bonding experience and sets a positive example for children. 
5. Limit Screen Time

Set clear limits on screen time from day one of the summer break to ensure that children have plenty of opportunities for active play. Encourage them to engage in more hands-on, physical activities instead. 

6. Make Screen Time Active

Sites such as YouTube, goNoodle, sworkit and PE with Jo have a wide range of activities to suit all interests.
As we get close to the return to school in August try to arrange some playdates; active play stimulates brain function and creativity, making it easier for children to transition back to school after the summer break. 

Stay active and have a fun-filled summer! 

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