Toddler Bliss at MBTS: June Highlights and “Keeping Safe” Theme 

As the school year winds down and the children have settled into their daily routines, there is a sense of calm and harmony in our Toddler classroom at MBTS. It’s a blissful time to be here, where the atmosphere reflects the children’s growth and the normalization of their environment.  

Dr. Maria Montessori once said, “The greatest sign of success for a teacher… is to be able to say, ‘The children are now working as if I did not exist.'” This sentiment perfectly captures the current state of our classroom. The work available on our June shelves has evolved to match the skills our Toddlers have been cultivating throughout the year. Each activity is just a bit more challenging, encouraging the children to further develop their abilities. 

Our play kitchen, dollhouse, and tea party setups have become hubs for collaborative play. These areas offer multiple opportunities for the children to invite friends to join them, fostering beautiful conversations and interactions. The shift towards collaborative play is evident, and we are delighted to witness the children engaging in meaningful dialogue and teamwork. 

As we look ahead to summer and the adventures it brings, we’ve introduced our June theme: “Keeping Safe.” This theme is particularly timely as the children grow in maturity and prepare for new experiences, including travel. 

Our ‘Keeping Safe’ lessons have covered essential topics such as preparing for sun exposure, understanding that certain items like medicine, cleaning products, and vitamins are only for adults, observing wild animals safely, keeping buckled in a carseat and carefully crossing streets. A key focus has been on cultivating an awareness of their surroundings. 

In a practical demonstration, we roped off our much-loved play kitchen with caution tape and orange cones, and erected a 6-foot ladder in the middle of our classroom. These safety hazards were discussed at length with the toddlers, teaching them that yellow tape and cones signal danger, and that a ladder should never be touched or climbed without a parent present. Remarkably, not a single toddler attempted to touch either the play kitchen or the ladder. 

By setting clear boundaries and explaining our reasons, the Toddlers have become very aware of what is safe and not safe for them to touch. We are incredibly proud of the self-restraint they have cultivated throughout the year. 

As we celebrate these achievements and look forward to the summer months, we are confident that our toddlers are equipped with the knowledge and awareness to stay safe while exploring the world around them. Here’s to a wonderful end of the school year and an exciting, safe summer ahead! 

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