Casa Program

Children who are between the ages of 3 and 6 years old are eligible to attend the Casa Program at Montessori By The Sea. Currently, MBTS has two Casa classrooms, one guided by 2 Montessori-trained teachers, and the other guided by 3 Montessori-trained teachers. In accordance with Montessori philosophy, both classrooms are mixed-age environments. Full-day and half-day Casa programs are available.

While a limited number of Casa spaces are available for the 2022-2023 school year, spots tend to be filled quickly. Families who are interested in applying are encouraged to book a tour and to contact Kourtni Jackson for admissions information and/or to be added to the Waiting List.

The Casa Program at MBTS offers children a joyful, nurturing environment that cultivates concentration, independence and exploration. Young learners in this essential stage of growth thrive in our stimulating and engaging spaces, as they discover and master concepts and skills through intense concentration and purposeful repetition. They foster friendships and develop communication and cooperative skills as they interact with one another and the natural environment, and build the foundation for respect and courtesy.

Both Casa classrooms at MBTS are meaningfully and beautifully designed to evoke curiosity and invite exploration. Uninterrupted work cycles ensure that children develop the ability to focus, and mindful, keenly observant teachers offer lessons and assistance to each child at his or her own pace. Ordered areas designated for key areas of learning, including Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, Culture and Practical Life, feature developmentally-appropriate materials and activities that attract little hands and budding minds with their beauty and increasing complexity. Appropriately-sized furniture, work areas and washroom facilities organically fit together to create a truly special place for the Casa-age child.

The development of the whole child is critical to early education, and the arts and creative expression are actively integrated into the Casa Program. Casa children also engage in weekly Music, Spanish and Physical Education classes that help strengthen rhythm, language development, movement, motor skills and coordination. Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is offered to the Kindergarten students in the third year of the Casa Program.

During the summer, a Casa Summer Camp may be available and is open to all Casa students who are enrolled at MBTS. Please visit the Summer Camp page in the Spring Term for updated information about the upcoming Summer Camp programs at MBTS. 

Please also visit our Casa Blog to learn more about what’s been happening in the Casa program, or click here to book a Casa tour.