School Uniforms

Toddler and Casa Program Dress Code:

Uniforms are not required for students in the Toddler and Casa programs, with the exception of a MBTS Virtues t-shirt for Casa field trips, and a performance uniform for Casa Kindergarten students to wear during school performances and the end-of-year Kindergarten graduation. Please refer to the section on the Performance Uniform.

Toddler and Casa students should bring a hat and rain jacket daily and be appropriately dressed for specific activities that are a part of the school curriculum (such as PE). Specific guidelines for PE follow later in this document. Additionally, parents should ensure that their child is wearing close-toed shoes at all times.  For younger students, close-toed shoes with Velcro fasteners may be best initially as they are easier to manage.

Elementary Daily Uniform:

The daily uniform is mandatory for students in our Elementary Programs. 

 The approved daily uniform for Elementary students is as follows:

  • white or light blue MBTS polo shirts with the current MBTS logo (see note below on logos; please also note that only light blue polos will be worn when the performance uniform is needed, such as school performances or field trips)
  • khaki bottoms, which can be pants/trousers, shorts, skirts or “skorts” (jeans, leggings, and/or sweatpants are only permitted on Dress-Down Days)
  • white socks (tights, patterned or colored socks are not allowed, and are only permitted during Dress-Down Days)
  • sneakers/trainers can be worn daily with the exception of days when the performance uniform needs to be worn, such as school performances; in such instances, students will need to wear black school shoes.

Please note that only polo shirts with the current MBTS logo will be accepted.

All polo shirts with the MBTS logo must be purchased through MBTS’s Lands’ Ends site. Shirts with embroidered logos from other suppliers will not be accepted.

 Only khaki bottoms will be accepted; navy bottoms will no longer be an option. Again, khaki bottoms can be pants/trousers, shorts, skirts or “skorts,” and can be purchased from any supplier (e.g., Lands’ End, the Gap, etc.). However, khaki bottoms must be plain and may not have any patterns or other colors. Leggings, jeans and/or sweatpants are only permitted on Dress Down Days.

The approved uniform for Physical Education (PE) is the MBTS Virtues T-Shirt and plain, navy-blue athletic shorts or pants/leggings. These athletic bottoms must be plain with no logos or printed patterns and can be ordered from Lands’ End or an alternative supplier or store. The MBTS Virtues T-shirts can be purchased in the school office. 

Full information on MBTS’s Uniform Policy can be found here.


While the school office will still have some polo shirts in stock, you can order directly through Lands’ End for the Kindergarten through Grade 6 performance uniform , and they will deliver it to Cayman.

Go to Lands’ End School Uniforms to outfit your boys and girls in clothing that meets dress codes and exceeds expectations.

When you click on an item, please be sure to read and make note of the ‘Dress Code Guidelines.’  When ordering from Lands’ End, please ensure that you are choosing the correct sizes, so please review their size charts.


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