Upper Elementary Program

Children who are between the ages of 9 and 12 years old are eligible to attend the Upper Elementary Program at Montessori By The Sea. This student-centered, academically-rigorous and holistic Montessori Upper Elementary Program is housed in a beautiful, unique, seaside classroom with mixed-ages.

While the Upper Elementary Program is currently full for the 2022-2023 school year, and waiting lists are in effect, we welcome and encourage families to book a tour and to contact Kourtni Jackson for admissions information and/or to be added to the Waiting List.

The Upper Elementary Program at MBTS builds upon and cements the foundation that is set in the early years of Toddler and Casa, and that is solidified in Lower Elementary. It continues to offer inquisitive, independent, and innovative learners a collaborative, dynamic environment that respects their need to be inspired and to take active ownership of their learning. Individuals are encouraged to actively inquire and to apply their creativity, knowledge and academic abilities to answer questions or solve problems, thereby developing the essential skills of lifelong learning.

In the Upper Elementary classroom, we are not only cultivating creative, curious minds and motivated wills  – but also confident, effective communicators and compassionate citizens. Building upon the key skills and values in conflict resolution, compromise, collaboration communication and compassion developed in Lower Elementary, the Upper Elementary Program goes further in building connections with the community and reaching out into the world beyond the classroom. Philanthropy and community service are actively integrated into the classroom, with frequent student-led endeavors to make a positive impact on others, and the exceptional KIDS CARE after-school club. Academic concepts and skills are effectively explored, expanded and applied to relevant, real-world problems both within and beyond the classroom. Students go out into the community for stimulating on-site learning opportunities and community outreach, including yearly off-island field trips to Little Cayman and to the Montessori Model United Nations in New York.  

In addition to the artistic and creative elements that are seamlessly integrated into the classroom, Elementary children also engage in specialized, weekly classes in Music, Spanish, Visual Arts and Drama, Physical Education and Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

During the summer, an Elementary Summer Camp may be available and is open to all Elementary students who are enrolled at MBTS. Please visit the Summer Camp page in the Spring Term for updated information about the upcoming Summer Camp programs at MBTS. 

Please visit our Upper Elementary Blog to learn more about what’s been happening in Upper Elementary, or click here to book a tour.