January is almost done and we are working hard in French class!

The Kindergarteners have been playing lots of games to learn the names of different fruit. They matched the fruit with labels and are learning to write the words. They will shortly move onto learning the names of vegetables.

Grade 1 are nearing the end of their unit on colours and numbers 1-10: they had fun playing bingo in French and have played lots of games such as wordsearches and unscrambling the words on our Smart Board. “Clothing” is the next topic.

Our Grade 3 students are enjoying studying our unit on “Languages”! We’ve discovered some speakers of different languages in our class and played a fun board game travelling the world learning the word for ‘hello’ in different languages.

The Grade 4 class should be very proud of the family mobiles they completed! They are hanging up in our Specialty Room. We are currently working on school objects and will then move on to learn how to read and write numbers 1-20 in words.

Grade 5 students have been working on how to say their names, nationalities, where they live and what they like to do as pass-times. They have been learning a lot about the names of countries (and their genders), different nationalities and languages, in order to build up to this work!

The Grade 6 group had lots of fun learning directions in our earlier unit and are able to give directions to a place in town. We are now working on places in school and the students will make a plan of their school and say where the students are going.

The Grade 7s are learning names of sports that they play/don’t play and how to give opinions about them. They are moving on to discuss their favourite hobbies and will learn how to use the French-English section of a glossary.

Our Grade 8 students have been revising sports and saying what musical instruments that they play or would like to play. They’ve also been studying ‘Expressions of Time’, in order for them to say how often they do the activities above. They are currently learning how to talk about their daily routine.

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