Finding Peace in the Toddler Class

Being a Toddler can be tough! Learning to interact in a social setting, expanding their independence, physically growing, and discovering their sense of self can all be overwhelming for children. This is why we offer multiple opportunities for our children to find peace and stillness in the Toddler environment. 

We begin our day gathering together and listening to one of our music boxes.  The children delight in the sounds of the songs played on the delicate instruments and become mesmerized by the movements. 

Before each mealtime we pause to breathe deeply together.  The children are invited to find their “butterfly wings” as we take three deep breaths, stretching and preparing ourselves for a calm and enjoyable meal. 

We have also introduced a “Peace Chair” in our classroom this year.  This is a cozy space that is available to any child (or teacher!) who needs a moment to calm their bodies and find some peace.  The children are able to access the Peace Chair on their own whenever they feel they need a break from the bustle of the classroom. The Peace Chair is also the perfect area to redirect a child that may not be making safe choices in the classroom. It offers a moment of comfort and calm for the child to find peace so they can reset and then rejoin their classmates.

In association with the Peace Chair, we offer smelling bottles that are filled with inviting scents. This material offers a variety of learning experiences, as it is a way to explore new smells and learn the names of new plants, as well as inviting the child to breathe more deeply and mindfully. 

Toddlers love to move their bodies in big and exciting ways! When we are in the classroom and unable to run or jump, the children are invited to practice yoga. They can choose to mimic the poses on the yoga cards or make their own poses. After a visit to the yoga mat, the children return to their work, calm and ready to concentrate.

During nap time at school, we prepare the environment to induce a sense of calm and peace, and create a relaxing place to sleep. The windows have blackout curtains, the lights are turned off, and we play soft, relaxing music or sounds of nature. It’s off to sleep in no time at all.

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