Discovering a World of Sights, Sounds and Textures

This month the Toddler Class has been learning about places and cultures from all around the world.  Our group times have been filled with songs sung in multiple languages as well as songs to teach us the names of the 7 continents and 5 oceans of Earth.   

Our Sensorial work shelves have been enhanced with a basket of clothing from different countries, which are available to the Toddlers to wear throughout the morning. They have loved having the opportunity to wear these outfits and feel the different textures and embellishments of the fabrics.   

Throughout the month the children have also experienced toys and artifacts from every continent except Antarctica. There have been Mala beads and a Monk’s Cup from Asia, Worry Dolls from South America, Boomerangs from Australia, a Pinocchio puppet from Europe, and an African Hand Drum and Two Yard fabric from Africa. 

Landscape picture cards and historic landmark models have been a huge hit in the Language area. With repetitive use these materials are teaching the Toddlers the names of various regions of the Earth (dessert, grassland, river) as well as some of the world’s greatest human-made sights (Eiffel Tower, Great Pyramids, Taj Mahal).   

These tactile introductions to new cultures are a great initial experience for our Toddlers to begin their worldly explorations. 

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